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Hotrace born from a dream of a child, Nicola Marrone. A dream that does not came from nothing, but from the passion and a life dedicated to this world. We are talking of his father, Luigi. Following the father’s passion Nicola started to drive rc cars since he was a child and he was very good at it! But, growing up , he decided to do of his passion a real work!


When he was only eighteen, started his Italian company, a concentrate of passion, knowledge and professional competence of radio-controlled model cars: features that make the company one of the largest that exist in the RC competitions with distributors all over the world.

Now Nicola is not a child anymore, but he has not lost his characteristic of being a dreamer, because he knows that a dream can come true with an every-day hardwork and with tenacity! Since few months Nicola extended his production company in America sharing this dream with Mark Pavidis, a colossus of rc world but also his friend! Nowday it doen’t exist a company with a double production company (Italy-California).

And now who says that it ended here? As matter of fact Nicola and his staff announced that that they want to extend Hotrace brand over the rc world.

Because sometimes dreams make difference

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